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About Us
Shiva Global Relocations was Founded in 2006 by Shiv Kumar, His first dream was primarily to start with Packing & Moving around the world with the imagination and innovation. This has helped the organization to expand its service capabilities in line with the evolving needs of corporates around the world. The Company gradually expanded adding their own LCL Consolidation services around the world as door to door delivery. Shiva Global Relocations today is a leading multi services corporate solutions provider headquartered in India.
We start our every project with the Integrity, hard work, commitment and professionalism. The company always cares your valuables with full protection by the dedication of its team. We always hear customer’s needs & their requirements and work according to their comforts. Our basic thought is to work little but should be proper.
We are specialized in maintaining quality all through the operational procedures regarding the shipment of the goods. We also look forward to the safety of the goods while delivering from the original spot to the destination spot. This is where we stand out in the concerned industry while ensuring healthy client relationship builds up. We also care about our clients’ abilities to spend, and thus, charge the amounts which are ought to make them happy every time.
About Us

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Very reliable and good services providing all over the world

Ramesh Dutt

We relocate our office from Delhi to Gujarat, very reliable and good services providing all over the world

Mahinder Singh


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