Personal Effects and Electronic Products
Personal Effects and Electronics

All Persons are entitled Duty Free Allowance for USED personal effects, excluding Jewellery, required for satisfying daily necessities of life. Though there is no value limit, however, the items should be in reasonable quantities. 
One Laptop Computer, 200 Cigarettes or 50 Cigars or 50 Grams Tobacco, Alcoholic liquor or Wine up to two liters and NEW articles up to value limit of Rs.25,000/- (apprx.US$ 550) are also allowed under Duty Free Allowance, only if these are carried on the person or in accompanied baggage. This allowance will not be extended in un-accompanied baggage. Goods (excluding Liquor) in excess of permissible allowance will be charged Duty @ 35% and for Liquor apprx.200%.
ADDITIONAL ALLOWANCE [MINI T.R.]: Indian National returning after stay abroad of not less than 365 days during preceding 2 years on termination of work are allowed to bring Used Household Articles and Personal Effects Free of Duty up to value limit of Rs.75000/- (approx.US$ 1600) conditionally that the goods have been in the possession and use abroad by the passenger or his family for at least six months and who has also not availed this concession in the preceding three years. 


Person (including minor) transferring their residence to India after stay abroad of not less than two years are allowed to bring their USED Personal & Household Goods (excluding electronics) Free of Duty without any value restriction. Condition applies that, for Indian National total stay in India on short visit during preceding 2 years should not exceed 6 months and Foreign National must have VISA of not less than One year. In addition they should have not availed this concession during preceding three years.
Custom Duty under T.R. : 

Only used Household Goods will be released Free of Duty without any value limit except each of the specified electronic items mentioned in Table 1 , irrespective of New or Old, will be released on concession Duty@ 15%. However each of the electronic items mentioned in Table 2 irrespective of New or Old is free of duty, but both Table 1 & 2 has been restricted together up to value limit of Rs: 5, 00,000/-(Rupees Five Lakhs) [approx. US$ 10500]
New Household Goods (other than electronic of Table 1 & 2) & repeated unit of the same item mentioned in Table 1 & 2 will be charged duty @ 35%. 
Table - 1

(01) DVD Player
(02) Video Home Theatre System
(03) Dish Washer
(04) Music System
(05) Air -Conditioner
(06) Deep Freezer
(07) Micro Oven
(08) Video Camera
(09) Word Processor
(10) Fax Machine
(11) Portable Photocopier
(12) Refrigerator above 300 Liters.
(13) Key board
Please note: Television & Piano will be released on duty @35%, whether it is new or old. 

Table - 2

(01) Personal Computer
(02) Laptop Computer
(03) Washing Machine
(04) Cooking Range (Gas or Electric)
(05) Refrigerator below 300 Liters.
(06) VCR 
(07) Treadmill
(08) Golf set 
(09) Cricket Kit 
Following items are also permitted under T.R. with certain restriction and rate of duty :
  1. Gold in any form (excluding ornaments studded with stones and pearls) restricted up to 10 kg will be allowed only to Indian passport holder or Indian Origin with moderate duty @ Rs.250/- per 10 grams payable in foreign exchange.
  2. Silver in any form (excluding ornaments studded with stones and pearls) restricted up to 100 kgs. will be allowed only to Indian passport holder or Indian Origin with moderate duty @ Rs.500/- per Kg. payable in foreign exchange.
  3. Liquor/Wine/Beverages with reasonable quantity satisfying to the custom authority will be charged duty ranges from 160% to 260%.
  4. One Fire Arm (including air gun) and cartridges not exceeding 50 nos. is allowed under T.R. subject to the condition that the same was in the possession and used abroad for a minimum period of 1 year and after clearance shall not be loaned, transferred or otherwise parted with consideration during the life time. During clearance N.O.C. from Indian Fire Arm Police Department also required. Duty will be charged @100%.
  5. Textiles with reasonable quantity satisfying to the custom authority will be charged duty @ 35%.
  6. Jewellery is allowed under T.R Free of Duty up to value limit of INR Ten thousand (apprx.US$ 225) for Male passenger and INR Twenty Thousand (apprx.US$ 450) for Female passenger. 
  7. Food Stuff & Provision are allowed to Foreign Nationals Free of Duty up to value limit of Indian Rupees One Lakh (approx. US$ 2000).
  8. One Used Motor Vehicle is also permitted under T.R. on payment of custom duty @162% on depreciated value, provided the vehicle has been in the possession of the individual for minimum period of 1 year abroad and also the vehicle should have Compulsorily Right Hand Steering. The vehicle cannot be sold for the period of two years from the date of clearance. Further please note that NEW vehicle is not permitted under T.R., Valuation of vehicle will be considered on Manufacturer Year Price List and Depreciation on vehicle will work out as per the prescribed chart of custom.
  1. The Un-accompanied Baggage should be in the possession of owner before dispatched and same to be shipped within one month of arrival in India. 
  2. Original Passport is compulsory required for T.R. clearance but for Custom Inspection Personal presence is not required compulsory can managed on authority duly notarized.
  3. There is No restriction to stay in India after granting T.R. Facility.
Documents required for clearance :
  1. Passport in Original
  2. Original Bill of Lading 
  3. Packing Inventory
  4. Custom Declaration (will be provided by us) duly filled & signed by owner
  5. Affidavit (as per format provided by us) duly notarized for ‘No Sale Bond’ of vehicle for the period of two years. (for vehicle clearance)
  6. Original Vehicle (Foreign) Registration / Title (for vehicle clearance)
If you need any further assistance on the above requirements, then feel free to contact us.

  • Lift Vans & Pallets must be MARKED as owners name C/o. “SHIVA GLOBAL RELOCATION (I) PVT LTD” and Address. 
  • Shipping documents Bill of Lading/AWB must be DECLARED as “USED PERSONAL AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS” and must be made to the Owner name C/o. “SHIVA GLOBAL RELOCATION (I) PVT LTD and address.
  • Documents for Sea Shipment must reach us ten days in advance of arrival of the Vessel and Air shipment as per pre arrangement & information. The same is required for processing in advance to avoid demurrage/detention.
  • To avoid the chances of pilferage, theft, damages and monsoon effects, we highly recommend the goods to be put into lift vans.
  • We recommend all appliances to be loaded in one lift van and a separate descriptive inventory as per lift van will help us to facilitate custom clearance.
  • For security reason removal of loaded container is not permitted at most of POE in India, hence shipment will be delivered, after de-stuffing in Port limit, either in L/Vans or Loose as the case may be in our Trucks/Vans.
  • Shipment of Household Goods must be done within 30 days of arrival of the owner into India or otherwise delay can be disapproved by the customs without documentary evidence.
  • Since ICD facilities are now available in most of the city of India, shipment should be made up to final destination or the nearby ICD to avoid inconvenience and increase in cost to the owner.
  • To avoid heavy consolidated/NVOCC charges, we recommend you to book your shipment directly with Liner Shipping Line.
  • For Automobiles secondhand vehicle is not permitted to import at certain port of entry in India hence you can clarify the same with us before shipment.
  • Motor vehicle shipment can be effected within 6 months from the date of arrival of owner.

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