Pet Transfer
Pet Transfer
At PET Relocation we know that your pets are a very special part of your family, and we treat them that way; with respect, love, and care.  We provide ground pet transportation service nationwide for "families only."

Traveling halfway around the world is tough, and fetching the paperwork and jumping through the required hoops of moving your friend to a foreign country only adds to the challenge. Our pet relocation veterans will ensure the entire process runs smoothly, from paperwork and immunizations, to a safe flight and personalized, door-to-door pickup and delivery. We make your move exactly what it should be: a walk in the park.
  • Board your pets on moving day, if possible.
  • * Get pets vaccinated before you move, and have their health records forwarded to your new veterinarian. 

Necessities are the things that we will need from you to make sure that the transport of your pets is as comfortable and worry free as possible.

  • An official, multi-copy, state issued certificate for interstate travel:  Pet Transport Service now requires that all dogs and cats have this certificate. This is necessary because of new USDA regulations.  These certificates must be acquired from a licensed veterinarian no more than 10 days prior to the scheduled transport date. We appreciate your assistance in this matter.
  • Documentation:  When the driver arrives at your home to pick up your pets, we ask that you have all of your pets documentation ready.  This would include all health, immunization records, and emergency care authorization form. Any instructions of medications and special diets that your animal might require should also be included. These forms will be mailed to you at the time your transport is scheduled.  We will also need a current health certificate 10 days prior to transport, as required by the USDA.
  • Comfort and Entertainment:  We ask that you send familiar toys, blankets, or possibly an article of clothing with your scent so that your dog or cat will feel more at home during the transport.
  • Special Needs: We use large vans to transport our animals.  They provide plenty of room, proper ventilation, and makes it easy for pets with a variety of physical needs to enter and exit the vehicle. Make sure to let us know if your pet has any special needs, such as medication that needs to be administered (discussed earlier)  or other physical disabilities. Feel assured that your pet's needs will be cared for by our professional driver.
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