Shiva Global Relocation


Shiva Global Relocation have warehousing and storage facility which offers you maximum safety & security, storage can be arranged on a short term basis or for longer periods, it depends on your requirements. Our warehouses are well-maintained and managed under helpful programs related with maintenance, cleaning of the site, fire protection procedures and other safety measures. We provide 24/7 security on our warehouses. So our warehouses are safe and secure. Our further warehousing services are:

  • Goods are packed, inventoried and stored in lift vans.
  • Partial re-deliveries are undertaken as required by the customer, along with the accompanying documentation.
  • Drayage services.
  • Other commercial goods or commodities which might taint or affect household goods are stored separately. Similarly, dangerous or hazardous goods are not accepted into the storage facilities which are dedicated to household effects.
  • All local pick-up and delivery.
  • Bonded in-land distribution and imports network.

3PL provide the complete fulfillment solutions with the help of a state of the art warehouse management system. Let us take care of the day to day aspects of your business and store, pack and dispatch your orders allowing you to focus on the growth of your business.

3PL Logistics Services

  • Ambient and Cool temperature storage facilities
  • Cross dock operations
  • STOCKPACK: State-of-the-art WMS software
  • Customized MIS reports made available
  • Efficient management of inventory equipped with Barcode scanning facilities
  • Stock transactions and availability made transparent through web
  • Measured Purchase Order cycle times
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