Shiva Global Relocation

Cargo Insurance

We fully recognize the importance of belongings and goods for the clients. Thus, we do whatever the best action could be by insuring the goods with some of the known and reliable insurance companies.
Once there is insurance service in place, our clients feel comfort and confidence after knowing that their goods are safe, secure and insured for packing and moving.Even after taking complete safety measures, no one has control over accident.

  • Types of Insurance:- There are three basic types of insurance :
    • All Risk Coverage:- This is a comprehensive coverage, which includes everything that is not specifically excluded. Typical exclusions are:
      • Inherent vice – spoilage, infestation, failure of product to perform intended function, losses due to delay or loss of market
      • Abandonment of cargo – losses occurring at a port city more than 15 days after discharge of cargo
      • Rejection of goods by Customs, FDA or other government agencies
      • Failure to pay or collect accounts
      • Losses caused by temperature or air pressure in case of air shipments
      • Used goods
      • Improper packing
      • Losses in excess of policy limit
  • Warehouse-to-warehouse Coverage:- This type of coverage protects your shipment in transit from the time it leaves our warehouse until it arrives at its final destination point, as long as it is not taken out of the normal course of transit by you.
  • Coverage Enhancement:- We can also arrange for special coverage depending upon your insurance needs. Here are some of the examples of special coverage:-
    • Trade show / exhibition coverage
    • Rejection insurance
    • Coverage other than C.I.F (e.g., FOB, FAS)
    • Extended warehouse storage
    • Large, project cargo moves
Note :

If No Insurance is purchased, Shiva Global Relocations is only liable for a limited value. Ask your sales rep to find out about the liability insurance coverage for your shipment. Please read below very carefully Claim Guidelines.
We would like to ensure that your insurance claim is dealt with in an efficient and expeditious manner. For this purpose, it is important to comply with the following claim procedures in the event of a loss or damage:

  • Contact us immediately
    • If your shipment was damaged, please provide us with the exact location and contact information in case a survey is required.
    • Examine the shipment and note and note all visible damage before signing the delivery receipt with the driver. Do not sign the delivery receipt “clean” if you suspect there is a concealed damage.
    • Take pictures, if possible, of the damaged boxes / cartons.
    • Keep all packaging material relating to the damaged cargo until the insurance company asks you to discard it.
  • Timeline for Filing Claims:- The following timelines must be observed in notifying the loss or damage of any goods; the failure to do so may prejudice your claim. The deadlines are:
    • Ocean Shipment
    • Visible loss/damage immediately
    • Non-visible loss/damage 3 days
    • Air Shipment
    • Damage 7 days from date of delivery
    • Hidden/concealed damage 14 days from date of delivery
    • Non-Delivery 120 days from date the air waybill was issued
  • Protect damaged goods from additional damage or loss
    Contact us if additional expenses have been incurred to prevent further damage or loss, as they have to be approved by the insurance company.
  • Make Itemized Statement of Claim
    You should prepare an itemized statement of claim, on your company letterhead in case of commercial shipments and submit to our office as soon as possible but not later than [fill in as appropriate]. You should submit copies of the following documents, along with your claim:
    • Commercial invoice for the entire shipment.
    • Packing list for the entire shipment.
    • Original certificate of insurance, if issued.
    • Delivery receipt with exceptions noted.
    • Missing cargo report, police report (in case of loss or theft), or non-delivery letter.
    • Survey report and any available photos of damaged goods.
    • Repair estimates or salvage report (if available).
  • You can expect your claim to be resolved within 30-60 days after we receive it, provided all requested documentation is submitted along with the claim. The resolution of the claim could be delayed if a survey or salvage report is required. Please let us know if any of the requested documents is not available. We will work with you to successfully resolve your claim.
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