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      Shiva Global Claim Filing Instructions

      Important Provisions Regarding a Loss and Damage Claim

      Shiva Global apologizes that a portion of your goods may have been lost or damaged during your relocation. We pledge to process your claim promptly and fairly, but we need your cooperation to do so. The following provisions, which apply to loss and damage claims, should assist you as we process your claim.

      • A completed written claim form must be submitted (electronically, by mail or fax) before any claim can be processed.
      • The claim form must be received by Shiva Global within 14 days from the day of delivery of the shipment, except:
        • for shipments moving under a Government Bill of Lading;
        • for shipments moving solely within India , in which case the claim form must be received within 7 days of delivery; and
        • when a contract between Shiva Global and the party paying for the transportation specifies a different time.
      • Shiva Global reserves the right to inspect your damaged items within a reasonable time. Please have the Shiva Global inventory available for the inspector, if such action is taken.
      • Do not discard any damaged item or the shipping carton in which it was transported until a claim has been filed and the item and shipping carton have been inspected by Shiva Global.
      • Do not proceed with any repair until Shiva Global has authorized the repair. Whether before and after inspection, repairs must be authorized in advance by Shiva Global
      • If your claim valuation with Shiva Global is full value protection option, repairs will be Shiva Global’ first option. Any replacement considered will be for items of like kind and quality, per Shiva Global’ tariff.
      • Shiva retains salvage rights on any item we agree to replace. Do not discard any damaged item that has been replaced without Shiva Global’ authorization.
      • Shiva Global will conduct a trace for any missing item. Do not replace any missing items without Shiva Global authorization.
      • All transportation charges must be paid prior to the payment of any amount on a claim.
      • Incomplete information may delay claim settlement. Additional information may be requested in order to process your claim.

      A claim cannot usually be resolved immediately and may take some time before items can be inspected and repaired or replaced. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in this process. Thank you

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